An array of hot & cold forging machines supported by second operations machines such as thread rolling (flat and cylindrical), drilling, grinding machines, and surface finish equipments form part of the manufacturing facilities.

Hot Forging Facility

REPL has in house hot forging facility suitable for hot forging of Hex Head Bolts/Screws of size M20 & above. We also hot forge special type of Bolts/Hex Allen Cap Screws & other round head, square head type of bolts (in MS grade/High Tensile grade and SS 304/316/316L). Cold and Hot Bending facility for big size J Type/Pin Type/L Type foundation bolts also done by special dies.

Cold Forging Facility

REPL also possesses cold forging facility for cold forging of Hex Head Bolts/Screws of size M10 to M16 (in MS grade/High Tensile SA193 B7 Grade at their own Khed-shivapur (near Pune) factory. We also cold forge special type of bolts/screws suitable for automobile industries at large

Surface Finish

REPL currently offers a range of surface finish options such as gun barrel (as heat treated and oiled), zinc phosphating, cadmium plating, zinc plating with white, yellow, green and black passivation. We also offer super finishing operation like buffing & nitric acid cleaning treatment for SS materials.

Heat Treatment Facilities

REPL also possesses heat treatment facility in close association with our sister concern M/s K. K. INDUSTRIES; an ISO: 9001 company. We carry out Hardening & Tempering treatment in Controlled Atmosphere by Forced Air Circulation method, with the help of Pit Type Gas Carburising Furnace (4 Nos.) and Pit Type Tempering Furnace (4 Nos.). Quenching facility comprises a Tube Type 3HP 4500 Ltrs tank. All Furnaces bear Modern Temperature Controllers to monitor individual & continuous lots.

Apart from detailed above, other facilities include Carburising (up to 2mm case depth), Carbonitriding (for shallow case depth), Normalizing, Solution Annealing and Surface Finishing by shot blasting method.

Details of Machine Set Up in our works
  • Lathe machine (Kirloskar / Anil make ) : 40 No.
  • Centerless Grinding machine (BHAGWAN SONS) : 4 No.
  • Rolling machine (Pragamake : 512/513 ) : 10 No.
  • Whirling Machine : 1 No.
  • Bandsaw cutting machine : 6 No.
  • Hacksaw machine : 2 No.
  • Automatic Traub Machines : 8 No.
  • Drilling machine : 6 No.
  • Bradma Component Marking Machine : 2 No.
  • Hardness Testing Machine : 1 No.
  • Polishing Machine : 5 No.
  • Bench Grinder : 2 No.
  • Hand Grinder : 8 No.
  • Automatic CO2 Welding machine : 6 No.
  • Welding Transformer : 2 No.
  • Fly Press : 1 No.
  • Job Cleaning Machine : 1 No.
  • U Clamp Bending Machine : 2 No.
  • Hydraulic Bending Machine : 3 No.
  • Milling Machine : No.
  • Cold forging machine set Upto 16 mm. : 1 No.