20 About Rushiprabha Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Rushiprabha Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (REPL) ranks above amongst the well-established and reputed fastener manufacturers in and around Pune. Sales of the group exceed Rs.25 Crore, making the group one of the Pune’s largest fastener and foundation bolt manufacturing company. REPL, a major manufacturer in the fasteners industry, is a multi product market leader. REPL's business interests include fasteners, foundation bolts, studs and other special engg. Items. Our satisfied corporate customers reflect our specialization in MS as well as in the High Tensile category. The factory is situated, at our own plot of 45000 sq. ft. having a built up shop floor area of about 22000 sq. ft., at Shivane, and is about 20 km from Pune Railway Station. REPL has also expanded its arm by venturing into cold forging facility in-house at their KhedShivapur (near Pune) factory.

REPL recognizes that motivated people make the difference - between growth and stagnation, between success and failure. This has ensured that not a single person-hour has been lost due to any kind of industrial action ever since inception in 1986. At REPL, quality, taken in its wider sense, is far more than mere conformity to product specifications. It is a discipline, a way of life. The company constantly strives to achieve excellence in all areas of performance.

This focus on quality has resulted in achieving ISO 9001: 2015 Certification from Det NorskeVeritas (DNV). REPL is today at the threshold of expanding its business. The major initiatives of growth will be through strategic acquisitions, new advanced machinery set-up and diversifications into new product areas. It is a vision that will position the company as a vibrant, dynamic, and truly customer-oriented company.

Standard Fasteners

REPL manufactures Foundation bolts, standard Hex bolts, Head screws,Studs,Washers and nuts conforming to BS, ISO, DIN, ANSI, SAE, BIS and JIS Standards. The standard fasteners range includes hexagon head bolts, hexagon head screws, hexagon nuts, hexagon slotted / castle nuts and weld nuts. Our bolts & nuts are manufactured from Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Austenitic Steel and other Stainless Steel. The size range for hexagon head screws and bolts is M6 to M100 in metric standard and 1/4" to 4" in non-metric standard; all rolled threaded. Length range is based on diameter and it covers 10 mm to 250 mm or 3/8" to 10" for bolts and screws. Hexagon nuts are manufactured in diameters M6 to M100 or 1/4" to 4" The product range also covers rolled studs and tie-bars from diameter M6 to M100 or 1/4" to 4" up to a length of 10 meters.

Special Fasteners

REPL has over two decades of technical expertise in developing special (made to drawing) fasteners for a wide range of applications. The special fasteners range includes Thread bolts, studs, all type of foundation bolts, and other engineering items as per customer drawing. Continuous investments in new machinery, state-of-the-art set-up and advanced manufacturing processes help in development of new range of special fasteners.

Socket Products

REPL also caters to the need of socket products. The socket products range includes socket head cap screws, flat head screws, button head screws, shoulder screws, socket set screws and hexagon socket keys.

The size range for socket head screws is M12 to M52 in metric standard and ½" to 2" in nonmetric standard. Length range is based on diameter and it covers 10 mm to 200 mm or 3/8" to 8".